Xaar's CPU trade list

Last Update: 2017-08-20 17:45 (UTC+2) Pictures upon request.


AMD processors

Pre-K6 processors (PGA package only)

Intel processors

Pre-Pentium processors (mostly PGA package)

Pentium processors (PGA package only)

Pentium Pro/II/III processors

Other processors

Available for trading

Intel x86 based processors

AMD Athlon (all tested and ok)

Thunderbird core

AMD Athlon MP (all tested and ok)

Palomino core

AMD Athlon XP (all tested and ok)

Palomino core
Thorton core

AMD Athlon 64

Venice E6 core; Socket 939

AMD Duron (all tested and ok)

Spitfire core

AMD K6-2 (all tested and ok)

Chomper XT core

AMD Opteron

Santa Rosa core; Socket F

Intel Celeron (all tested and ok)

Mendocino core; Slot 1, SEPP
Mendocino core; Socket 370, Plastic PGA package
Coppermine core; Socket 370, Flip Chip PGA package

Intel Celeron D (all tested and ok)

Prescott core; Socket 775
Cedar Mill core; Socket 775

Intel Celeron S (all tested and ok)

Conroe-L core; Socket 775

Intel Core Solo (Mobile)

Intel Core 2 Duo (all tested and ok)

Intel Core 2 Duo (Mobile)

Intel Pentium (all tested and ok)

Socket 5 & 7, Ceramic PGA package
Socket 5 & 7, Plastic PGA package

Intel Pentium MMX (all tested and ok)

Ceramic PGA package
Plastic PGA package

Intel Pentium II (all tested and ok)

Deschutes core; SECC package
Deschutes core; SECC2 package

Intel Pentium II Mobile

Tonga core; MMC-1
Dixon core; MMC-2

Intel Pentium II Xeon (all tested and ok)

Intel Pentium III (all tested and ok)

Katmai core
Coppermine core; Slot 1
Coppermine core; Socket 370
Tualatin core; Socket 370 (Pentium III-S)

Intel Pentium 4 (all tested and ok)

Prescott core; Socket 775

Intel Pentium D (all tested and ok)

Smithfield core; Socket 775
Presler core; Socket 775

Intel Pentium Dual-Core (all tested and ok)

Intel Pentium M (Mobile)

Banias core; Socket 479

Intel Xeon DP

Prestonia core; Socket 603
Prestonia core; Socket 604

Intel IA-64 based processors

Intel Itanium 2 (all tested and ok)

Madison core

Motorola 68k based processors

Motorola 68010

Ceramic PGA package

Motorola 68020

Ceramic PGA package

Motorola 68030

Plastic PGA package

Sun SPARC based processors


Ceramic LGA package


Ceramic LGA package

Zilog Z80 based processors

Zilog Z8000 based processors

Other processors