Xaar's list of wanted computer hardware

Last Update: 2017-01-21 14:45 (UTC+1)

Wanted hardware

Computer displays

    IBM 5154

Computer systems and peripherals

By Apple
    Apple II (any model, except IIc)

    Apple IIc power supply
    Apple III
    Apple Lisa
    Apple Lisa II
    Apple Macintosh XL

    DEC PDP-8 (any model)
    DEC Rainbow
    DEC Video Terminal (any model, except VT420)

    IBM 5100
    IBM 5110
    IBM 5150
    IBM 5161 Expansion Unit
    IBM 3270 PC
    IBM 3270 AT
    IBM PS/2 Model 60
    IBM PS/2 Model 90
    IBM PS/2 Model 95

    IMSAI 8080

    HP 9000 Series 200 (any model)
    HP 9000 Series 400 (any model)
    HP 9000 Series 800 (any model)

By Robotron
    Any System by Robotron

By Sun
    Sun-1 (any model)
    Sun-2 (any model)
    Sun-3 (any model)
    Sun-4 (any model)
    Sun SPARCstation 1
    Sun SPARCstation 4
    Sun Ultra 3

By Xerox
    Xerox 8010 Information System (Xerox Star)

Based on CPU by WDC
    Any 65816 based computer system

Based on CPU by Zilog
    Any Z8000 based computer system
    Any Z80000 based computer system

Graphics cards

GPU by 3Dfx
    3Dfx Voodoo Rush
    3Dfx Voodoo 3 1000
    3Dfx Voodoo 4-2
    3Dfx Velocity 100
    3Dfx Velocity 200

GPU by ATi
    ATi Wonder MDA based
    ATi Wonder CGA based
    ATi Wonder EGA based
    ATi Mach 8 based
    ATi Mach 32 based (not EISA and PCI)
    ATi Mach 64 based (not PCI)

    NEC PowerVR PCX1 based
    NEC PowerVR PCX2 based

GPU by Number Nine
    Number Nine Imagine 128 based
    Number Nine Imagine 128-II based
    Number Nine T2R based
    Number Nine T2R4 based

GPU by nVidia
    nVidia NV-1 based

GPU by Rendition
    Rendition Vérité V1000 based
    Rendition Vérité V2100 based
    Rendition Vérité V2200 based

GPU by S3
    S3 Savage3D based

GPU by Tseng
    Any Tseng based card (except ET3000AX and ET4000AX based)

    XGI Volari V5 (Duo)
    XGI Volari V8 (Duo)

Graphics Card by Diamond
    Diamond Edge 3D (any Model)
    Diamond FireGL 1000 (not FireGL 1000 Pro AGP)
    Diamond FireGL 2000
    Diamond FireGL 3000
    Diamond FireGL 4000
    Diamond FireGL 5000
    Diamond FireGL 1
    Diamond FireGL 2
    Diamond FireGL 3
    Diamond FireGL 4
    Diamond Stealth 3D (any Model)
    Diamond Stealth II S220
    Diamond Stealth III (any Model)

Graphics Card by Number Nine
    Number Nine Imagine 128
    Number Nine Imagine 128 Series 2
    Number Nine Imagine 128 Series 2e
    Number Nine Revolution 3D
    Number Nine Revolution IV
    Number Nine Revolution IV-FP

Graphics Card by SPEA
    SPEA FireGL

Sound and MIDI cards

By AdLib
    Any AdLib card

By Creative Labs
    Creative Labs GameBlaster
    Creative Labs SoundBlaster 1.0
    Creative Labs SoundBlaster MCV
    Creative Labs SoundBlaster Pro 1.0
    Creative Labs SoundBlaster Pro 2.0 MCV
    Creative Labs SoundBlaster AWE64 Gold
    Creative Labs WaveBlaster
    Creative Labs WaveBlaster II

By Gravis
    Any Gravis Ultrasound card

    IBM Music Feature Card

By Roland
    Roland LAPC-1
    Roland RAP-10
    Roland SCB-7
    Roland SCB-55
    Roland SCC-1
    Roland SCP-55

By Yamaha
    Yamaha DB50XG
    Yamaha SW60XG